The Lonergan Group

The Lonergan Group ethos is to help our customers in any way we can, our tagline is; our staff is your staff. Founded in 1998 by our CEO Louise Lonergan. We boast over 23 years experience and offer an unmatched professional experience tailoring to your needs and solutions. The Lonergan Group carries out all of the administration and logistics to make sure you get the result you desire on time, every time. Our main three areas are: Lonergan Corporate Gifts, Lonergan Reward & Recognition and Lonergan Health & Safety Solutions.

Lonergan Reward & Recognition

Lonergan Reward & Recognition provides a comprehensive gift buying service tailored to meet your employees` needs. We aid companies in rewarding their staff with our online eCommerce platform recognition program. This creates an easy and seamless process to streamline large orders. Supporting corporations in recognising, celebrating and promoting positivity and growth with their employees. Our main areas are Carepacks, hampers, awards and induction kits. #ourteamisyourteam

Lonergan Health & Safety Solutions

At Lonergan Health and Safety Solutions, our mission is to supply the best quality and most cost efficient health and safety products to our wide range of clients. We provide premium bulk health and safety supplies, care packs & much more so your employees feel valued and reassured in this ever changing environment. Sourced worldwide, we offer a seamless and efficient service to help you with all of your Health and Safety needs delivered to the addresses of your choice.