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We provided a range of branded gifts for all types of companies and businesses in Ireland

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Why Reward Your Employees

Rewards and recognition for employees can be a significant factor to improving your business as well as making your employees feel valued and recognizing their hard work.
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  • Why should my company give employee rewards

    Giving employee rewards helps to acknowledge achievement which is a major boost for employee morale and performance. It helps employees be motivated and driven to do better on their future projects.

  • What are the benefits to the employee

    There are lots of benefits to an employee who is rewarded. This includes boosted morale, improved productivity and greater staff retention.

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What people say about Lonergan Corporate Gifts

Thank you so much the hampers. The recipients with thrilled with with their gifts and they arrived just in time for Easter.


The team were delighted with their gifts they received today. The gifts look even better than on the website – Thanks a million! 


The gifts were very well received. Everyone was delighted with them and we really appreciate the extra gift you added. Everything was delivered at such short notice! 

UDG Healthcare

We are the official Great Place To Work official Brand Partner

The Lonergan Group are proud to announce that we are Great Place To Work Ireland's official Brand Partner

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About Lonergan Corporte Gifts

Providing unique corporate rewards and gifts

The Lonergan Group specialises in creating loyalty and culture with your company stakeholders. We work on your project from development until completion. Our solutions are proven to increase your return on investment and improve loyalty and staff retention.

Examples of our Corporate Gifts

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Selecting the Perfect Corporate Gift, for Clients and Employees in Ireland

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services and Products

Some of our frequently asked questions
  • 1.What are corporate gifts? And How can corporate gifts benefit a business?

    Corporate gifts are items given by a business to employees, clients, or stakeholders as a gesture of appreciation, recognition, or to mark special occasions. Corporate gifts can enhance relationships, boost employee morale, strengthen brand visibility, and foster a positive company image.

  • 2. Do you offer shipping across Ireland?

    Yes, we provide shipping services across Ireland for our corporate gifts.

  • 3. How can I choose the right gift for my employees?

    Consider their preferences, work achievements, and the occasion when selecting corporate gifts for employees. Personalization and practicality are key factors. Let us know what you want to achieve, we are the experts and we will help you every step of the way and to your budget.

  • 4. Can promotional products be customized?

    Yes, promotional products can be customized with your company’s logo, slogan, or specific design to align with your branding. QR codes are increasingly popular.

  • 5. Are promotional gifts effective for brand promotion?

    Yes, promotional gifts are effective marketing tools that help increase brand visibility and create a lasting impression among recipients.

  • 6. Do you offer bulk discounts for personalized gifts for corporates?

    Yes, we provide competitive pricing and discounts for bulk orders of personalized gifts for corporates. Contact us for more information.

  • 7. Can I purchase corporate gift supplies separately without gifts?

    Yes, we provide corporate gift supplies separately, allowing you to procure packaging, branding materials, and other supplies as needed.

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