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Welcome to Lonergan Corporate Gifts, your destination for exquisite wine gift hampers, wine gift baskets, and prosecco gift sets that redefine the art of gifting. Our diverse range of branded items extends beyond the ordinary, offering you an opportunity to leave a lasting impression through thoughtful and customized gifts.
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Embracing Irish Culture: Wine Gift Sets for Timeless Celebrations

Wine Gifts in Irish Culture:

In Ireland, gifting wine holds deep cultural significance, symbolizing celebration, hospitality, and cherished moments shared among friends and family. Wine gift hampers, wine gift boxes, and prosecco gift sets are quintessential tokens of appreciation and are often exchanged during festive occasions, marking the importance of togetherness and gratitude in Irish culture.

Discover Exceptional Wine Gift Sets:

At Lonergan Corporate Gifts, we honor these cultural traditions by offering a diverse selection of premium wine gift hampers, wine gift baskets, and exquisite prosecco gift sets. Each set encapsulates the essence of Irish warmth and hospitality, making it an ideal choice for expressing gratitude or celebrating life’s memorable moments.

Why Choose Lonergan for Premium Wine Gifts:

Discover Diverse Wine Gift Hampers:

Explore our extensive collection, featuring an array of wine gift hampers, meticulously crafted wine gift boxes, charming wine gift baskets, and curated wine gift sets designed to suit every occasion and preference.

Customised Wine Gift Baskets Tailored to Your Brand:

Personalize your wine gift hamper or prosecco gift set with your logo, messaging, and brand colors. Our skilled design team collaborates closely with you to ensure that each item represents your brand identity with finesse and precision.

Quality Craftsmanship for Lasting Impact:

Elevate your brand with our top-tier wine hampers and prosecco gift sets, crafted from premium materials for durability, longevity, and a luxurious feel that resonates positively with your recipients.

Effective Marketing Solutions with Wine Gift Sets:

Our wine gift baskets and sets serve as powerful marketing tools, leaving a lasting impression on recipients. Ideal for trade shows, employee rewards, or impactful promotional giveaways, these items elevate your brand visibility with sophistication.

Boost Brand Recognition with Wine Gift Boxes:

Transform clients and employees into brand advocates by integrating your logo and brand elements into our wine gift boxes. These items act as constant reminders of your brand, significantly enhancing brand recognition and recall.

Unmatched Customer Service Experience:

At Lonergan Corporate Gifts, exceptional customer service is our hallmark. Our dedicated team provides personalized assistance throughout, ensuring a stress-free journey from product selection to seamless delivery.

Book a Consultation for Personalized Wine Gift Baskets:

Ready to elevate your brand with our wine gift hampers and prosecco sets? Schedule a consultation with our branding experts today. We’ll guide you through our extensive product range, recommending optimal wine gift sets aligned with your marketing objectives.

Post Cards & Add-Ons With Wine Gift Boxes

Make your hampers or carepacks more personal and memorable with our bespoke Spotify and YouTube Scanning options for Our Postcards. How can you deliver your message directly to your client or staff? Our fun QR Codes are included in your post card and inserted into your Carepacks and Hampers, which directs you to YouTube or Spotify, makes your gift, an event & our customers love this free of charge addition to our range #ourteamisyourteam.

Select the front of your postcard based on the occasion or whatever pack your recipient receives.

Customised card with a QR code or a Spotify Code that your staff can scan to watch a video chosen or made by you while opening the pack.