Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter

Welcome letter

Our welcome letter to you

At the Lonergan Group, our mission is to provide a personalised, professional, and seamless Reward, Gifting and Health & Safety experience to all of our clients. With our agile team, we provide personalised solutions to sourcing premium gifting, rewards, recognition schemes, and safety needs for your business. You can trust us to take all of the hassles out of the process and deliver results on time, every time. Our goal is that your team becomes our team.

We currently have two websites. One which specialises in providing Corporate Gifts and Rewards. On this website – https://lcgifts.ie/ we have a uniquw online HR platform that allows companies to reward their staff, with minimum effirt and in a very cost effective manner. We also supply much needed Corporate and promotional gifts.

The second is Lonergan Health & Safety (https://healthsafetyproducts.eu/). At Lonergan Health & Safety , our mission is to supply the best quality and most cost-efficient health and safety products to our wide range of clients. We provide premium health and safety products so employees feel valued and reassured by you in this ever-changing environment. Sourced worldwide, we offer a seamless and efficient service to aid you with all of your Health and Safety needs.

Welcome Letter 2021

Dear Customer,
Thank you very much for your order. If you are not already a returning customer, we hope you will be. We wanted to give you an idea of what to expect when you order from Lonergan Solutions. In all cases we can pantone match/add logos/print/embroider/engrave & deliver to you. Our role is to support you every step of the way & save you time & money whilst getting you a fantastic result in your deadline.

With over two decades specialising in strategic Gifting we want to make sure you have as much support as possible with your order.

Artwork & Logistics Department

During the quoting period we ask, how many colours print & how many positions, engraving, embroidery etc. this is because the charge changes and as we have over 20K products different with different best practices for all goods. Also, the quality must be the very best & represent your company brand guidelines.

  • In all cases we need a high quality EPS or PDF file emailed to joemahon@lcg.ie . In most cases your marketing dept or your stationery supplier should be able to send you a copy. If you cannot get one, we can add it to your order for ?45.00. Please add your Invoice or Quote number if possible, for reference.

Pantones numbers to be used: also, should be emailed to joemahon@lcg.ie Please add

your Invoice or Quote number if possible, for reference.

  1. Any comments you would like to make about your artwork or positions etc__________________________________
  2. Delivery Date: _____________________We will do our very best to deliver to you on time, however we will need your help to ok artwork and process payments on time, this order is half payment upfront (As we are making order for you) so we require half payment immediately. Our Invoices have Bank details or you can pay directly by credit card.
  • Delivery Address:

  • We will assume it’s to your address unless you notify us of different
    1. Approval: Once we have your artwork, we will send you a visual for approval by email within 2 working days, then you should email us back to confirm that you are happy with artwork or give us your feedback if artwork needs to be remade for you. Once you have approved the artwork your delivery date will be confirmed (Please confirm ASAP so as not to delay the process). We have a transparent ordering system so all items are sent for approval in advance so nothing goes to print without your authorization, so there are never any errors. At this point, your goods go into production.
    2. All items are tracked until they arrive at your chosen location. Goods will be signed in with the courier so we have total clarity.

Useful tips:

What is an eps:


What is Pantone or PMS :


Other services & information:



Accounts Department

  • Please give us these details so we can make sure payment issues is prompt. this order is half payment upfront (As we are making order for you) so we require half payment immediately and balance on delivery. Our Invoices have Bank details, or you can pay directly by credit card. Please send these details to accounts@lcg.ie

Accounts Person Name:________________________________________________________________

Accounts Contact No:___________________________________________________________________

Account Email Address:________________________________________________________________

Address if different: __________________________________________________________________________

Is a PO needed __________________________________________________________________________

  1. As part of our environmental drive:

All Invoicing & Statements will be emailed. We feel very deeply towards the oceans and??? forests of this world and as part of our improved Environmental processes and procedures we will have implemented a paperless office.

Many thanks for your support and business for over 21 years, If we can help you futher please let us know.

Best Regards your Lonergan Team.

#our team is your team