Online Reward Solution

"Retain your staff, attract talented new starters & improve company culture"

Delivering beautiful gifts directly to your employees whilst offering measurable improvements to your corporate culture. Decreasing staff turnover and at the same time making your company stand out to high calibre new hires.

Staff Reward Area

View our staff reward portal here

Process steps from order to delivery


Initial consultation to discuss budget and range of gift choices.


Employees are given link to your own password protected page on our gifting platform site.


Orders are collected and administered for home or office delivery.


Direct delivery to company office or employees home.

Customer Service

Our team works with your staff and clients throughout the process.


How it works

- Your company has its own bespoke landing page on our portal.

- We email your employees a link to your page, each employee has a password to gain access. They are given a time frame in which to make their gift choice.

- They view the gift images and make their choice.

- They enter the address where the gift is to be delivered to.

- Any queries are directed to us and we will liaise directly with your employees

- We fulfil the orders and dispatch to the address provided. All parcels are tracked and traced.

A rewarding and impactful way to create a great company culture



"These gifts were delivered in to the manager so that they could personally give the staff the gift. I think the emotion is never discussed enough. How often has the company said a real thank you? This is a guaranteed way of the staff feeling supported & rewarded. IT'S SO MUCH MORE THAN THE GIFT, IT'S THE GRATITUDE."


We have been successfully supplying long service awards to KBC and ESB for over 5 years.

Enquire Here

Click here to email Elaine at Louise@lonergangroup.ie to organise this service.


Benefits of using our E-Commerce platform

- Efficient and effective way of administering a large number of gifts to your employees.

- Agile and adaptable, products can be changed and updated quickly and easily.

- No need for the client to collect and verify employee details as the employee enter their own details directly onto the portal.

- All orders recorded, tracked and traced.

- Experience, we know what products are well received and work well. We can suggest products to suit your employees and your budget.

- We have built up long-standing and trusted relationships with our suppliers, many of them Irish companies.

- Fully outsourced service, managed by our team according to your agreed requirements. We remove a lot of time-consuming administration and organisation from the client.

- We deliver high-quality gifts on behalf of the client to their employees. Morale is boosted and the company culture is improved.

- A personalised way to thank your employees in a strategic measured way.