St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Bowl

Emerald Crystal have had a very proud St. Patrick’s week this year. They were selected to produce the St. Patrick’s day Shamrock Bowl that was presented to President Obama, on behalf of the people of Ireland. Afterwards a St Patrick’s Day reception? was hosted by Obama, Kenny and their wives in the White House East Room where the bowl of shamrock and a certificate of Irish Heritage were presented to President Obama.

We are delighted to have added Emerald Crystal to our suppliers this year and are so pleased to be able to offer a replica of the Obama Bowl to our customers. The bowl is available in its original size and a mini version. It’s a beautiful example of the fine craftsmanship we have come to expect of Emerald Crystal.
Each piece is lovingly handmade by dedicated artisans and so each is unique. The inspiration for the design is the holy mountain Croagh Patrick, the site where Saint Patrick fasted for forty days in 441 AD. The tradition of pilgrimage to the iconic summit is carried on to this day and the bowl beautifully captures the long winding path laid out before the devoted traveller.