Shara 240 g/m2 Aware™ recycled apron




Shara 240 g/m2 Aware™ recycled apron

Pricing Includes Branding & is based on a quantity of 25.

The Shara apron is made of 240 g/m2 70% recycled cotton and 30% recycled polyester making it thick and sturdy, and comfortable to wear. It features 2 adjacent pockets (each 22 x 20 cm), and a 1 metre tie-back closure. The apron incorporates Cyclo® recycled fibres where they use pre-sorted waste that determines the colour of the yarn. These fibres do not only reduce the demand for virgin resources but also exhibit a commitment to a circular life, embodying the essence of reducing waste and promoting a closed-loop system. Each apron also comes with an Aware™ tracer. This innovative feature allows users to trace the origins and journey of their item through a QR code, enhancing transparency in the supply chain and fostering a stronger connection between the product and its production process. 65% Recycled Polyester and 35% Recycled cotton, 240 g/m2.