Galena unisex Aware™ recycled full zip sweater




Galena unisex Aware™ recycled full zip sweater

Pricing Includes Branding & is based on a quantity of 25.

The Galena unisex recycled full zip sweater – a perfect fusion of style, sustainability and functionality. Made of 320 g/m² recycled cotton and recycled polyester, this sweater leads the way for sustainable fashion. Practicality meets aesthetics with front pockets, and the recycled front zipper supports the sustainable claim even further. The sweater incorporates Cyclo® recycled fibres where they use pre-sorted waste that determines the colour of the yarn. These fibres do not only reduce the demand for virgin resources but also exhibit a commitment to a circular life, embodying the essence of reducing waste and promoting a closed-loop system. Each sweater also comes with an Aware™ tracer. This innovative feature allows users to trace the origins and journey of their item through a QR code, enhancing transparency in the supply chain and fostering a stronger connection between the product and its production process. With environmental awareness growing, the Galena unisex full zip sweater is the ideal sustainable choice. Knit of 50% Recycled cotton and 50% Recycled Polyester, 320 g/m2.