Breathe Fitness Care Box


Encourage your staff to stay Healthy & Active with our well being kits.

All items available in a range of colours. All delivered in drawstring bag with logo optional.

Item Descriptions

  • Matira beach paddle ball set. Bat and ball beach game with 2 bats and a small rubber ball.
  • Cruz medium plastic frisbee. Ideal for summer promotions, this promotional frisbee offers a low cost and fun way to get your message across.
  • Crane resistance elastic fitness bands. Set of 5 high tensile strength and durable resistance bands (60×5 cm.) of different strengths.
  • Cool round stress reliever. Bounce, throw or squeeze this round stress ball.
  • Dwayne fitness set. Fitness set with all the tools needed for a perfect work-out. Two hand grip trainers, skipping rope and chest expander in matching colour material.


Breathe Fitness Care Box

Breathe Fitness Care Box

As a result of the accommodation, and personalisation service we provide, everyone feels welcomed and appreciated. 

Just think of the recipient opening the Care Pack. Seeing each item one after the other and most importantly the joy on their face as a result of the pack.  Since the majority of our Care Packs are personalisable, they make great staff welcome packs, reward packs and celebratory packs. We offer the service of customisation through names and logos.

Since we tailor each experience to the customer’s needs, The Lonergan Group offers an unmatched professional experience. Because we manage all the administration and logistics we make sure you get the results you desire on time, every time. 


We sample each product at the office to ensure they taste good and are of good quality.


Recyclable boxes are used for our Care Packs, as Christmas is coming up too, all Christmas themed products include a Christmas box as seen here


We use nationwide carriers and delivery internationally also,  each parcel can be insured, tracked & traced, couriers can also be contacted if there are any problems. 


We can add Postcards/Complimentary slips to Care Packs to add an extra touch for the recipient.

For any queries or a credibility call please book one here.