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Corporate Wellness Gifts

Showcase your genuine concern towards employees with our exclusive corporate wellness gifts. Embark on a journey towards creating a happier, healthier, and more engaged workforce. Available in small, medium, and large sizes. Start shopping for care packages for your employees health and fitness.

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Types of Care Packages for Employees

At Lcgifts, we bring a world of useful and meaningful corporate wellness gifts for employees and other stakeholders (directors, board of members, clients, and more). 

Discover what the collection holds for you: 

  • Spa & Relaxation Hampers

The employee care packs encourage staff to unwind, recharge, and care for themselves. Make your employees feel valued and create a workforce that thrives. Perfect for employee recognition programs, or as festive gifts.  

  • Sports & Fitness Packages

Thoughtfully curated to promote a healthy lifestyle among those who are gym freaks. These corporate well-being gifts foster a culture of health and wellness that boosts work productivity. 

  • Personal Care Boxes

Personal care wellness gifts emerge as a gesture that promotes relaxation, comfort, and personal pampering. This conveys genuine appreciation and care, strengthening the employer-employee relationship.

  • Customizable Wellness Gifts

These meaningful and personalised gifts are designed to align with each employee’s individual preferences, interests, and needs. Makes your workforce feel valued and recognised. 

Make your office a great place to work in with these corporate wellness gift packs. Book your order now by email, phone, or website. Pre-production samples are also available.


When To Order Corporate Wellness Gift Boxes For Staff?

There’s no better time to express your care towards loyal employees. Do it today or wait for the right occasion to make them feel special. At Lcgifts, we provide corporate wellness gift packs and boxes for different occasions: 

Onboarding or Welcome Packs

Welcome the new joinees with wellness and fitness packs.  Set a positive first impression for the organisation. It will go a long way in building a good repo. 

Work Anniversary

Celebrate your employees’ yearly milestones with corporate care packages and thank you gifts for office staff. Appreciate their hard work and let them know you care about their health and happiness. 

Remote Work Support

Remote and hybrid working culture has increased the gap between employees and employers. How about surprising them with customised care packs? Foster team engagement while keeping the connection alive with those working miles away. 

Festival Season 

Uplift festive spirits with Christmas hampers. Make employees feel connected to the organization as the celebrations begin. Adds to the celebratory mood to make the workplace look more fun and joyful. 

Performance Reviews

Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to stay with the company. Consider gifting employee wellness packs as an additional incentive. 

Looking for creative ideas for corporate gifting? We are happy to suggest. Contact us today.


Buy Corporate Wellness Gifts & Care Packages Online

When your team thrives, your business thrives. Care packages for employees are not just presents. They are an expression of your heartfelt emotions and gratitude towards them. At Lcgifts, we can personalise the gifts, including the addition of company name, wellness message, and logos. Order for selected employees or for everyone. We got your bulk corporate gifting needs covered. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have three main sizes available: Small, Medium, and Large.

Small Box Sizes

  • A140  310 x 200 x 140mm
  • B170  350 x 315 x 170mm
  • C105  390 x 290 x 105mm
  • C126  390 x 290 x 126mm
  • C126  390 x 290 x 126mm
  • C200  390 x 290 x 200mm
  • C232  390 x 290 x 232mm

Medium Box Sizes

  • C300  390 x 290 x 300mm
  • E230 x 450 x 350 x 230mm
  • G150  490 x 390 x 150mm
  • G200  490 x 390 x 200mm
  • G270  490 x 390 x 270mm
  • H200  590 x 390 x 200mm

Large Box Sizes

  • H306  590 x 390 x 306mm

If you're uncertain about which size would work best for your gifting situation, reach out to our team at louise@lonergangroup.ie.

We deliver orders through our 3-day courier service. We also cater to additional delivery options on request such as Overnight Delivery, Early Morning Delivery, and Timed Delivery. Additional charges may apply for specialized delivery services.

The cost of our packages corresponds to the box size you select. These range usually from €15.00- 55.00 with onboarding going up to €85.00

Absolutely. We do offer the option for pre-production samples against a confirmed order. However, fixed charges might be associated with the same. For more details, reach out to our team today.