Onboarding Packs

New experiences are exciting and create lasting memories. To ensure that your new starters always remember their first days at your company why don’t you present them with a thoughtful welcome pack? They are now part of your “group, pack, tribe, family” whatever name you prefer. Introduce them to your corporate culture from the very beginning. Create your pack with some useful items that they will use at work, some that will help with the commute and some treats just because! These packs can be tailor-made to your gift preference and budget. We also offer a custom scan so that they can listen to a Spotify playlist or watch a YouTube video containing a personal welcome message from you. For those people who are now returning to the office whether on a full or part-time basis these can be a “Welcome back to the pack”

Customised card with a QR code that your staff can scan to watch a video chosen or made by you while opening the pack.

Why not add a customised Spotify scan to the welcome pack which the staff member can enjoy while opening the contents of the pack.

Personalise a postcard with a welcome message for new team members to be included with the pack. 

Choose a message and a design for the front of your postcard.

Choose a sticker to be added to the outside of the box to add a nice touch to the pack.

View our range of additional add on items you can add to each induction pack. Personalised options available, more items to be added soon.


Email Elaine – Elaine@lonergangroup.ie  or Louise – Louise@lonergangroup.ie for any queries, they will be happy to assist you.