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Every year Lonergan Corporate Gifts takes on a Maynooth University business student as an intern for 6 months. This is part of a work experience program that Maynooth have in place for students coming into their final year.

This hands on experience is invaluable to them and gives them a really head start on how to move in the professional world. This program has also had huge benefits for Lonergan’s as well. We get fresh new talent that only want the chance to test their new ideas and strategies and are keen to cut their teeth in the world of business.

As a result of positive feedback from us and much more importantly from our interns, Louise was invited to be a part of a Marketing event held by Maynooth University on the 14th of October. This event was an informal gathering that allowed business students to ask Louise questions about her work.

These ranged from how and why Lonergan Corporate Gifts marketed itself, what advice she had for those entering marketing, to asking her what she would look for in a new employee. She was able to inform them about the way that the corporate gift business has changed since she started 17 years ago and how marketing, including the concept of business as a brand, has developed. It wasn’t a one-way discussion either, with each student making suggestions to Louise on how to improve Lonergan’s techniques.

It was a great event over round and Louise is anxiously awaiting her invitation to the next.